So here's what I just can't get my head around: Why exactly would anyone sign up for a candid documentary about themselves if they're going to get all sensitive about their privacy? Well, only Lil Wayne knows the answer to that one, and he's not talking. Variety is now reporting that an earlier attempt by Wayne to block the distribution of The Carter, a documentary about the eccentric rapper from Adam Bhala Lough, has been struck down, and QD3 Entertainment has been given the green light to start looking for a distributor.

The Carter was shot over the course of several months, and through a haze of weed smoke and cough syrup, Wayne recounts stories about his sexual exploits, personal feuds, and displays every kind of general strangeness on screen. After months of arguing back and forth between QD3 and Wayne's management, Wayne's lawyers finally brought formal charges back in March. Wayne's suit carries a laundry list of charges, including Breach of Contract, Fraud, and Invasion of Privacy against QD3, Digerati Holdings, Quincy Jones III (who has a stake in both of those corporations), and an additional 50 unnamed co-defendants.

Wayne claims that he was told he was to be given the final say in the theatrical release, but those promises weren't honored by QD3. The film had garnered some pretty decent reviews (read ours here) when it hit the festival circuit, but Wayne has yet to comment on what he found so objectionable in the final edit. Representatives for Wayne said the film could cause irreparable damage to his reputation and career, but considering this is the same guy who feels comfortable telling Katie Couric about his love of codeine, you have wonder just what's in the film that he doesn't want us to see.
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