It's hard to be both a liberal and a curmudgeon. Because there are inevitably times when my left-leaning, bleeding heart sensibilities crash headlong into my misanthropy, resulting in an explosion of shattered optimism and blazing antipathy.

Let me put it this way: You remember that highway scene in Final Destination 2, when the cop spills coffee on his lap, and then a log falls off the logging truck and bounces through the windshield of his police car, then a guy on a motorcycle slides and gets crushed by his own bike, and another guy's car flips about eight times before he's creamed by a semi, then a van flips over a log and another woman gets a water bottle stuck under her brake pedal causing her to crash into it and burst into flame, and then seven or eight other cars either roll, crash, or explode into an inferno of screaming death? It's kind of like that, only the woman with the bottle under her brake pedal is my lefty liberalism, and my general dislike of humanity is the logging truck.

Which is why it makes my brain hurt so much to read that actress Mia Farrow has announced that she'll be going on a hunger strike as a way of showing solidarity with the people of Darfur. The 64-year-old Farrow says that, starting next week, she'll begin a water-only fast to express "outrage at a world that is somehow able to stand by and watch innocent men, women and children needlessly die of starvation, thirst and disease".
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