Arnold SchwarzeneggerAs much as I loved Adam West and Michael Keaton in their respective Batman roles, if either one had popped up in Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, I would have thrown things at the screen. They were good in their time and place, but Christopher Nolan understood that he needed to break from the past in order for the masked character to have a future. Thus, the confirmation from Variety that Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in McG's Terminator Salvation -- in digital form, no less! -- does not fill my heart with gladness.

The trade paper relates Governor Schwarzenegger's comments in a webcast this week that he wanted to appear in the movie, but didn't want to act. (What, he was acting before? Could have fooled me -- I thought he was a killing machine from the future.) It turns out that "a body-cast mold of Schwarzenegger created when he first appeared as the muscle-ripped cyborg, provided the basis for a digital-effects version of his famous character. The figure appears in Terminator Salvation as a living, breathing actor."

From the trailers, I'm coming around to the idea that McGmight be able to pull off a decent action movie. Christian Bale has been terrific in just about everything he's done. And I can live without seeing Moon Bloodgood's naked breasts. But the implied idea that an appearance by Schwarzenegger is so mandatory to the success of the movie that a digital substitute has been ordered up and inserted ... aargh!!

I say, let the movie live or die on its own. What do you think? Will Arnold's cameo make or break Terminator Salvation?