Remember that upcoming project that's got Leonardo DiCaprio trying to Beat the Reaper? Where he plays an ex-hitman-turned-ER doctor who gets recognized by a mobster? Well, New Regency did nab the rights, and Variety reports that Brian Koppelman and David Levien have signed on to adapt the novel. These are the guys who wrote Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, and also worked with the director on Ocean's Thirteen. Does that mean the director might follow the pens to the project? Time will tell!

Meanwhile, the partners behind The Soloist are getting ready to prove that the Holocaust existed. Variety reports that Participant Media and Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment are gearing up for History on Trial. The book, written by Deborah Lipstadt, a prof of Jewish Studies at Emory, follows her experience trying to prove that the Holocaust existed.

Basically, she named David Irving (author of WWII books) as a Holocaust denier in a book about the denial movement, and he sued her. Under British law, the burden of proof landed at her feet and the trial became a he-said, she-said about whether the Holocaust happened, including claims from him that Anne Frank's diary was a romantic novel and "more people died in Ted Kennedy's car at Chappaquidick than in the gas chambers at Auschwitz." Max Borenstein will pen the adaptation, and as of now, no director is attached. It's way too early to cast, but I'm going to throw out a name anyway -- Emma Thompson as Lipstadt.
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