Land of the LostVisiting the set of 'Land of the Lost' on the Universal lot felt a little bit like being sucked into the same time and space vortex the movie's characters get transported through.

After walking through a sea of incredibly good-looking sleestaks (see below -- it's not just me who thinks they're hot), the soundstage doors opened and immediately welcomed us into the Land of the Lost. And not the campy '70s TV version either -- we're talking giant 100-foot rock formations, an altar with a fiery pit at the center of it and, of course, the movie's stars Will Ferrell, Anna Friel and Danny McBride.

Before the movie premieres on June 5, take a look at our video interviews with all the stars, as well as director Brad Silberling and charming co-creator Marty Krofft, and keep reading for our behind-the-scenes sneak peek. -- By Maggie Furlong