Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that won't bring the ghosts of your past girlfriends back to haunt you while that smart little mind of yours brainstorms original, witty captions for a photo from an upcoming new release. We'll get to that in a minute -- but first we need to talk about the winners of last week's caption contest for Mutant Chronicles. Congrats to you, winners -- it must feel nice to win something. If you ever become a mutant, we shall chronicle your journey beginning with these brilliant captions.

1. "The new "Three Men and A Baby" action reboot, tentatively titled "Three Men and a Huge Gun", has shown surprising strength in early test screenings." -- John R.

2. "Can we not talk about your leather jacket for five seconds?" -- Eric V.

3. "I left the coffee pot on again, didn't I ..." -- Dylan B.

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This week we're sending our sympathy out to Matthew McConaughey, who's about to be haunted by the ghosts of his past girlfriends (that's gotta suck) in the appropriately titled Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Winners of this week's contest will receive their very own girlfriend ghost to haunt their every move. Kidding! Actually, the three folks behind our favorite captions this week will float away with one Ghosts of Girlfriends Past red mini leather notebook, one Ghosts of Girlfriends Past tank top, one Ghosts of Girlfriends Past baseball cap, one flip mirror and one tote bag with umbrella. This way, in the event you are haunted by a past girlfriend or boyfriend, at least you'll be stylin' the whole time. Sound off below ...

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