You know how sometimes we post those nifty little 'Scenes We Love' articles? The ones with a handily embedded YouTube clip of a film we really love? That come complete with brilliantly insightful commentary from one of the superlative Cine-staff? Yeah, those are awesome. So here's a new wrinkle: same thing, only with trailers instead of actual movie scenes. Frankly I think there's an artistry to 'trailering' that often gets overlooked. A person needs a composer's ear, an editor's eye, and a director's enthusiasm to bang out an effective trailer -- and since these promotional clips are usually our very FIRST introduction to an upcoming film, well, you know what they say about first impressions, right?

For example number one, I humbly offer the truly terrific theatrical trailer for Joel and Ethan Coen's Miller's Crossing, which is far and away one of the finest films I've ever seen. And this trailer whittles the beauty down by focusing on the characters, the music, the style, and the pitch-perfect pulpy-yet-pithy dialog. We also get a few enticing moments from a few key scenes ... but nothing too spoilery or specific. It's like the Coens actually cut this trailer themselves, which for all I know ... they did! Anyway, enjoy the trailer, and please consider tossing Miller's Crossing into your Netflix queue for a second visit. This film is so damn good it makes me wish we could take some of its leftover awesomeness and donate it to other (very needy) films.

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