TerminatorArnold will be back ... and so with the Ninja Turtles ... and 'Predator' ...

Life can be hectic, insane even -- and we here at Moviefone sympathize with that. Movie fans don't have all day to bump around from site to site digging for the newest must-see trailers, latest casting news and what not.

That's why we're making things easy: We've compiled the 10 hottest movie trailers, casting tidbits, viral videos and hilarious blog rants to make waves in the movie world over the past seven days and put them all in one spot -- just for you.

From Ahnuld's not-so-surprising cameo in 'Terminator Salvation' to the very surprising returns of live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and 'Predators,' behold the 10 most buzzed about things in movies this week.

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