Pixar's Up -- typically magical according to the few who've seen it at exclusive sneaks -- is "premiering" to much anticipation on May 13th. At Cannes. In France. If you're offended that a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys are seeing what is likely to be the best film of the summer before red-blooded Americans, don't fret: there's a way that you, yes you, could see the movie on May 11th, two whole days before the Frenchies.

It'll cost you 125 bucks, or $100 if you're a member of the San Francisco Film Society, which is sponsoring the screening at Pixar's headquarters across the Bay in Emeryville, CA. In any case, less than a plane ticket to Europe. And though I won't be shelling out the cash (despite the fact that the press screening isn't likely to happen until a couple days before the film's release on May 29th), I can vouch for the Pixar screening room as a fantastic place to see a movie. Oh, and if you have $250 to spare for a "VIP" ticket, you can get a guided tour of Pixar beforehand.

I'll be honest: this was tempting. Ultimately I decided that a three-week lead wasn't worth a hundred bucks to me. But maybe it is to others, and tickets are still readily available as best I can tell. If you're going let me know so I can live vicariously through you.