With all of the focus on Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it's kind of easy to forget that Land of the Lostis also coming out this summer. The big-screen remake hits theaters on June 5, and Moviefone's Maggie Furlong was lucky enough to take a trip behind the scenes and bring you all kinds of fun secrets and video interviews with Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride, Brad Siberling, and original co-creator Marty Krofft.

If you're as squeamish about the empty black eyes of the Sleestaks as I am, you might find this tidbit from Friel very comforting. Apparently she and her daughter Gracie had quite a thing for the lizard men: "She's only 2, but she strokes the sleestaks. They're quite handsome underneath those suits ... they're very tall. Hot sleestaks!" And the way you get into a Sleestak costume? Lots and lots of KY Jelly. (Seriously.)

If you're dying to know all about Lost before June, head over to Moviefone and check out their video and their write up. The actors address the story changes (what was once a 14 year old blonde is now a beautiful love interest), the special effects and the kitsch factor. And aren't you just dying to know what sparked jealousy off-screen between McBride, Ferrell, and Jorma "Chaka" Taccone ... and what producers did to resolve it? Go visit our Moviefone friends and find out.