(Sorry to get your hopes up, Sports Illustrated fans. This movie is not relevant to your interests.)

You may be familiar with the type of movie where a group of lovable losers get together to do something you wouldn't expect people like them to do, and therein lies the comedy. You had out-of-shape men stripping in The Full Monty, and old ladies posing nude in Calendar Girls, and a retired gentleman swimming the English Channel in On a Clear Day. These movies always seem to be British, but you will be pleased to know that now the Swedes have gotten in on the act!

The Swimsuit Issue is about a group of ordinary men of varying ages and physiques who combine to create Sweden's first all-male synchronized swimming team. You can see why that's very funny: They're MEN, but they're doing SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING! There really isn't much to it beyond that. It's a fairly generic film, but harmless and lighthearted. Hard to believe this and Ingmar Bergman came from the same place.

Our hero is Fredrik (Jonas Inde), currently unemployed and recently divorced, but not a bad guy. He's the captain of his local floor hockey team, whose national championship in 1985 Fredrik is still very proud of. While his teammates consider the game nothing more than a larkish pastime, Fredrik is intense. His competitive nature even shows up in casual games with his teenage daughter, Sara (Amanda Davin).

No one at the community rec center takes floor hockey very seriously, either, and other groups are always being given preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling practice space. They can't even take a relaxing dip in the pool without a synchronized swimming team kicking them out -- and this, naturally, is what leads to forming a team of their own.