It's been 14 years since Mordechai Richler's adult fare made it to the big screen in 1985's Joshua Then and Now. (Before that, it was 1974 with the Richard Dreyfuss-starring The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.) It's been far from a quick book-to-screen process, but all these years later, we're finally getting a little more. Canoe reports that his 1997 novel Barney's Vision is heading for the big screen, and Paul Giamatti will star.

Producer Robert Lantos has been trying to get a good script since the book came out, and he now thinks he has "a screenplay that is worthy of Richler's magnificent book," written by TV scribe Michael Konyves. In fact, by nabbing Giamatti, Lantos even got the actor he was hoping for. The project, which will be helmed by Richard J. Lewis (CSI director), follows a hard-drinking rascally man named Barney Panofsky who decides to write "the true story of my wasted life," from adventures in 1950s Paris, to money earned through a TV company called Totally Unnecessary Productions, to three different wives. But ithe tale is unreliable, and footnoted with corrections from his son.

I'm not sure how they'll deal with the textual flairs from the novel, but a satirical social commentary led by Giamatti? It's like Sideways without the wine and dumb friend. Production kicks off in Rome, Montreal, the Laurentians, and New York on August 17.
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