The 2009 Summer Movie Season officially begins this Friday with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and with the opening of that film comes the start of Cinematical's exciting 2009 summer movie coverage. We wanted to do something a little different this summer and create a theme for our coverage; one we could use throughout to give you folks a better idea of what to expect from us. Thus, this year's theme is Summer Appreciation -- and it involves several different summer-related features that I personally think you all are totally gonna love.

But what's Summer Appreciation, and why does it sound so made-up holiday-ish? Essentially, we've created a bunch of features that highlight the best things about summer movie season; why it's important, why we love it so much and what sort of impact it's had on all of us over the years. Not only will we be working in reviews of this summer's movies, but we'll be featuring exclusive interviews with some of today's top filmmakers as they share their own thoughts on the season and what it means to them. Additionally, look for the very cool 'Our Favorite Summers' feature (Weinberg kicks things off in just one hour from now), which will be a series that looks back at our favorite summer movie seasons from the past few decades. This will all come in conjunction with smaller summer-related features, posts, quizzes, videos and so much more. Seriously, this summer will rock -- trust that we've been working our tails off behind the scenes to give you all some of the best summer movie-related content you'll find online.

And that's just on Cinematical -- I haven't even begun to talk about what Moviefone already has up in their summer movies hub. You've got polls, lists, release dates (by genre, month) and tons more. So start tooling around now, and make sure to stop by both Cinematical and Moviefone at least 158 times per day (as advised by the surgeon general) all summer long.