Well, well, well... it appears that May is on the horizon, and with its arrival, we seal the deal on the first third of 2009. Four out of twelve months -- this seems like as good a time as any to evaluate just how the movies have treated us to date. This time last year had stubs piling up for the likes of Cloverfield, 21, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall; what sticks out to you from this current season?

We asked our staff to chime in with some of their favorites, and we want you to name yours. If your pick isn't listed in the below poll, then do feel free to comment below that. Try and keep the titles to those which opened between January 1st and April 30th, though exceptions may understandably be made for those limited releases that took their sweet time leaving New York and Los Angeles for the other 48 states (and beyond!).

What would make your own top ten now? What would you most expect to make it all the way to year-end glory (critically, personally, and/or in terms of awards) by December? Let us know.