You may have heard that Francis Ford Coppola had said no to screening Tetro out of competition and had decided to keep his latest film out of Cannes. Well, all that's changed now. Variety reports that Olivier Pere countered Coppola's refusal with a new offer, one that proved too irresistible. Now the Vincent Gallo film will open the 41st edition of Directors' Fortnight, which also boasts I Love You Phillip Morris amongst a number of international selections. For the unlucky Cannes-free people: Coppola will be distributing the film through his American Zoetrope, but no release date has been announced.

Meanwhile, the cast of The Company Men, the drama that has Ben Affleck getting sacked, keeps growing. First Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones signed on, and now Variety reports that Craig T. Nelson and Maria Bello are joining the film, which is currently kicking off in Boston. Company focuses on a man who suffers from a lay-off due to corporate downsizing, and has to work at his brother-in-law's (Costner) construction site to make ends meet. Bello will play the Vice President of human resources who cans Affleck, while Coach plays the global conglomerate's CEO. Get ready to see a lot more of Mr. T. Nelson. You might have noticed that he's also in The Proposal, and, he's rumored to be part of that Parenthood TV project.
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