Did you know that back in 2006, Renee Zellweger took on a horror film? The project was Case 39, a creepy, kid-centric thriller that started off with bad luck in production when a fire scene torched the entire set and most of the crew's equipment, and continued when the film just couldn't get a distribution break. It was supposed to be out last summer, but just like Mandy Lane, it was a no-go. Now it is said to hit theaters sometime this year, and a trailer has finally been released.

Zellweger plays a social worker who thinks she's saving a kid (Tideland's Jodelle Ferland) from her evil parents trying to send her to hell (one of whom happens to be the excellent Callum Keith Rennie). So this woman takes the kid into her home, but then realizes that this little 10-year-old isn't exactly innocent.

One would imagine that a horror film would have to be pretty decent to get Renee Zellweger on board, and that it can't be all that bad with the talents of Ferland and Rennie. However, Shock Till You Drop says that this puppy has "been through the test screening wringer," so there might be a really good reason we haven't seen it yet, and not just Mandy Lane bad luck. It looks like your basic thriller set-up in the trailer, but looks can be deceiving ... and if they are, could someone give Ferland a break and put her in something that gets a little more love?