We catch up with the stars of our favorite '80s teen flick.

It's been 25 years since John Hughes broke out as the go-to teen-flick auteur of the Me Decade, with his first directorial effort, the achingly romantic -- and uproariously hilarious -- 'Sixteen Candles' (1984). Remember when Molly Ringwald was the teen queen in all her quirky glory, Anthony Michael Hall was a skinny geek ... and John Cusack was a bit player who played "friend of geek"?

We're painfully aware that we're not in high school anymore; heck, Ringwald now plays the mother of a teen, in case we needed any greater reminder that we're all grown up. Which 'Candles' alum has gone into hiding, which quit the biz entirely (there's more than one) ... and which went on to two Oscar noms? Click through for an update on the whereabouts of the stars of one of the '80s most iconic teen comedies.