By now you've probably heard -- Maude-Golden Girl Bea Arthur passed away over the weekend at the age of 86. In honor of the great actress and comedian, EW called up old co-star Rue McClanahan for her thoughts. During the discussion, she said: "And she [Arthur] told some pretty raunchy jokes, live on stage. In fact, a couple that were just a bit too much for me! [Laughs.] But boy she could tell a dirty joke. Oh my God, she was funny!"

This is what makes her passing right now all the more unfortunate -- one of the greats has left us just as the dirtiness of the silver set, particularly the Golden Girls themselves, dips into a Renaissance already mourning the loss of Estelle Getty. Lenora Claire recently brought us the wonder of Golden Gals Gone Wild. Meanwhile, Betty White jumped from her woman-without-morals role on Boston Legal to the dirty ol' Grandma Annie in the upcoming Sandra Bullock romcom The Proposal. One view of the trailer and it is obvious that White is easily the one reason the film might be worth a view or two.

These are the women who tought us the ever-important lesson that age isn't all bridge clubs and shopping sprees to spoil the grandkids. Nor is it something that eradicates every lascivious whim of youth, perversions and obscenities melting away for sugary, batty niceness (even if Ellen Albertini Dow made a wonderful career out of it).

So I thought we could take a moment on this Monday to give some love to the old ladies who defy expectations, whether they're spinning a dirty joke with the best of 'em, or delivering shocker line for comedic effect (like Jessamine Milner in Blazing Saddles). Which surprising old women stick in your memory banks? The killers of Arsenic and Old Lace? The saucy dentured neighbor in Yes Man? That other famous Maude, the one who loved Harold? Or maybe Nedra Volz from Moving Violations? Weigh in below!
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