Did someone hear about that Imaginary Larry pic and think: "Gee, why make something like Drop Dead Fred when we can just remake Drop Dead Fred?"I think so. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the box office bust and subsequent cult favorite is getting a makeover, and Russell Brand is going to head the whole thing.

Yes, he'll play the wacky imaginary character, but things will be a bit different this time around. Of course, there will be no Phoebe Cates (which is a huge strike against it in my book ... viva la Cates!), and instead of a straight remake, this will be whipped up in the "tone of Beetlejuice, building a universe around the concept of imaginary friends." There's a lesson to live by: If you want to remake something that failed, Beetlejuice it! Dennis McNicholas, who lent a pen to the Land of the Lost remake, will pen the screenplay.

I'm sure Brand will do fine with this, because wacky is his thing, whether it's playing the insane new boyfriend of Sarah Marshall, taking it to the upcoming Get Him to the Greek, or playing the jester-riffic Trinculo in The Tempest. But maybe, just maybe, it'll quickly get old? Obviously, I'm indifferent to the whole thing, but what say you? Is this hurting your Fred-fan heart, or making you jump with glee?
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