So there I am in the Amazon horror section, minding my own business and putting together a DVD report for FEARnet ... when all of a sudden -- BANG! My eyeballs were battered with THIS (look slightly to your right) crazy-ass poster for a movie called The Knight Watchmen. What the! (Lack of question mark intentional.) At first I assumed that the flick had to be yet another escapee from The Asylum, which is where most of the lunatic knock-off movies seem to come from these days.

But nope, The Knight Watchmen (which doesn't even seem to have an IMDb page just yet) seems to be a homemade grass-roots sort of project, and here's what Amazon has to say about the plot: "In the year 2012, the State of Texas seceded from the United States. It began a new form of government and a new system of justice. This justice was upheld by two-man teams. These men would investigate and solve crimes before distributing the punishment. They were judge, jury and executioner."

Ah, so it's a documentary.

Available exclusively at Amazon (for $12.99?!?), The Knight Watchmen comes from an outfit called Ponderous Productions, which I find pretty amusing, actually. Not thirteen bucks amusing, but hey. Someone out there must want to take the plunge, right? Come back and let us know how (bad) it is.

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