What would life be like if we all lived in an Apatow world? Chances are the socially-awkward fat dude with the beer gut would always get the hot girl, right after becoming a news anchor or a rock star. Judd Apatow's third directorial feature, Funny People, hits theaters this summer, and College Humor has come along to show just how funny their people are, too. In the following music video, watch as some overweight shlub with a beard romances the beautiful women on stage and at the dance club. College Humor Show stars Streeter Seidell and Sarah Schneider sing the song (which I have to admit is sorta catchy), and the video does a good job of hopping from one Apatow flick to the next in an effort to show us just how fantastical life would be if Mr. Judd Apatow was controlling it all.

Funny People hits theaters on July 31. How close do you think we are from actually living in an Apatow world?