We've added a nifty new gizmo to the bottom of our pages, and we're hoping it'll give you more to do at Cinematical than just read a few posts, comment on how LAME we are for not liking Wolverine, and email the latest Eric Snider article to your mom with the subject line "OMG, sooo funny!" I've only been able to play around with our new Socialthing doo-hickey for a few minutes, and so far my favorite aspect is that Cinematical now has a nifty little chat room! To talk about movies in! With your fellow readers AND Cine-staff members!

I've been told that Socialthing does a lot more than just that, though. According to my notes, it can also help you...
  • Stay connected with the sites you love, wherever you are
  • Bring your social graph with you to the site you are on
  • Easily share your activity with buddies
  • Keep up with buddies' activities via feeds
  • Discover new content, buddies, etc.
  • Facilitate conversations with people that have like interests in a site's content
(That last one is the chat room geekery that has me all excited.) So please do give the Socialthing toolbar a little spin, and let us know what you think of our new toy. I plan to throw a few trivia parties and such in that chat room during the summer, so be sure you know how the gizmo works! If you'd like a little more info before jumping in, check out the official Socialthing site and nose around a bit.