Last year Cinematical had a chance to visit the set of this summer's Year One, and to be quite honest it was unlike any set I'd been to before. All I knew going in was that Harold Ramis was directing some sort of biblical comedy with Michael Cera and Jack Black, and it was filming in Shreveport, Louisiana. "Cool!", I thought -- "Shreveport rocks like a pint of hardcore!", I shouted as I stepped off the plane. All kidding aside, what I soon realized was that Shreveport had become its own mini Hollywood thanks to fabulous tax incentives, and a number of different movies were shooting there (according to my cab driver, who also knew where to score some fabulous crawfish).

Soon after I arrived, myself and a group of other notable professionals from other websites that aren't as awesome as Cinematical shipped off to what I can only describe as a giant city in the middle of "Where the hell are we?" Turns out the Year One production crew had taken five whole acres and built the ancient city of Sodom, complete with royal chambers, massive courtyard, stores, roads, caves and tons of little nooks and crannies. You can see part of the main courtyard -- where they built this giant tower -- in the image above. And see those costumes all the extras are wearing? Yup, guess who had to throw one of those on as soon as he got there? I'll show you a couple of pictures after the jump -- in the meantime, check out this clip from the film below.