A new set of Star Wars-inspired posters have arrived online, and apparently they're part of Disney's marketing campaign for their Star Wars Weekends program this summer (located at the Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida). Thing is, these posters aren't spread around the theme parks, but instead are posted "backstage" (the term Disney uses for behind the scenes; ie: the tunnels, offices and cafeteria where Disney employees roam when not working out in the park). The posters are supposed to get employees excited for the event -- which includes special guest appearances, fun activities, Star Wars costumes and the Star Tours park ride. For more on Star Wars Weekends, check out StarWars.com (where these posters also originated).

I'd kinda like to know why these aren't out in the park for everyone to see. A couple of them (like the one above; my personal favorite) are pretty hilarious and would definitely draw some attention. Check out all four in the gallery below. Anyone excited about Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios this summer?

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