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Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Paper Heart, which stars Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera, and walked away from this year's Sundance as the darling of that festival. Part comedy, part documentary and part comedy-documentary, Paper Heart follows actress-comedian Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) as she travels the country searching for not only the meaning of love, but also its definition as it pertains to her own life. Michael Cera (Yi's kinda, sorta boyfriend in real life) makes an appearance in the film as Yi's kinda, sorta boyfriend -- and the two struggle to navigate the rocky waters of an early relationship while a pestering camera crew follows Yi's every move.

In his review from Sundance, Cinematical's Eric D. Snider said Cera was " typically hilarious as Charlyne's potential boyfriend," and I whole-heartedly agree. In fact, I felt this was Cera's finest performance to date, partly because he gives off the kind of attitude we rarely see since he's normally too busy bumbling around. Here, though, Cera is real and honest and not afraid to be an a**hole if the moment calls for it. Cute, charming and a bit awkward,Paper Heartseems destined to become one of his summer's great date movies.

The film is set to hit theaters on August 7. Click the image below to scope out the full poster.