Fie Louis Leterrier, and all of the people behind the Clash of the Titans remake! I have to admit, Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades tempted my curiosity, and now I can't help but see it. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Danny Huston is the next man of the Titans, and he will play Poseidon -- God of the Sea. Leterrier only knows how much this will mean for the actor, since this so-called remake is switching up the story left, right, and center. Maybe this time around, we'll see the old guy get sexy with Medusa. Whatever the case, this is one more big flick for Huston, and maybe one day we'll get some solid starring work, and a North American release for Fade to Black while we're at it. (What's Fade to Black? Why, it's the film where he stars as Orson Welles. A project that also boasts Paz Vega, Christopher Walken, and Diego Luna.)

Meanwhile, Mr. Big isn't ready to say no to more Sex. Variety reports that Chris Noth has finally committed to Sex and the City 2. He might have taken a while to agree, but this news isn't exactly surprising. You might, however, be surprised by this little nibblet: The deal was for SEVEN figures. Talk about being a lucrative co-star. The sequel starts production in September, and is set for a May 28, 2010 release.
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