Since we still haven't seen anything worthwhile from James Cameron's Avatar, save for the occasional behind-the-scenes green-screen shot or fan-made trailer, all we have to go on for the time being is word from other filmmakers or journalists who've been allowed behind the curtain for a sneak peek. Some say Cameron's big-budgeted (over $200 million) part live-action/part animated 3D extravaganza will change everything we've come to expect from your average moviegoing experience. Personally I hope that includes aliens bursting out of the screen and up the theater aisle hell-bent on massaging my neck for two hours -- but I'll take what I can get.

Speaking of teases, Coming Soon spoke with writer-director Steven Soderbergh while the man was doing press for his new film The Girlfriend Experience, and, surprisingly, he threw in an Avatar mention when asked why today's films don't have the impact or longevity of some classics. On Avatar, he notes, "I've seen some stuff and holy sh*t. It's the craziest sh*t ever." For Soderbergh, who's constantly experimenting and playing around with digital filmmaking, to use "craziest sh*t ever" in a sentence -- well, he really must have seen some crazy sh*t. The man went no further, but Cameron has to be really putting together something special and magical to elicit that sort of reaction from Soderbergh. Argh, show us something Fox! We're dying over here.

Avatar hits theaters on December 18.
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