Each year the Tribeca Film Festival (along with other fests, like SXSW and Sundance) screen these mini short films/skits prior to each movie. I like to call them "bumps", and their purpose is to promote the festival in some way while also giving you a chuckle or three. When it comes to Tribeca's "bumps", they usually have something to do with how wacky and crazy New York City is -- and this year's "bump" is exactly that: Two girls walking through the park are approached by a flasher and hilarity ensues.

Usually I'll laugh at these for the first couple of times, but after watching 15-or-so movies (and memorizing the "bumps" word for word), you kinda want to strangle everyone involved. But it's cool, they really are harmless fun, and this year's "bump" seems to be getting a good response from each audience I see it with. Check out Flasher below, then head after the jump for some of my favorite Tribeca Fest "bumps" throughout the years. More of our Tribeca Film Festival coverage can be found over here.