I'm of the mind that Franka Potente needs to get some mainstream work that stretches beyond the confines of sexy girl for Matt Damon or Johnny Depp. Usually, that would lead me to grumble over another indie thriller she was involving herself with, but this time, it might be worth it. Twitch reports that Julian Gilbey, the man behind Rise of the Footsoldier and Rollin' with the Nines, is gearing up for a pretty cool cliffside thriller, and Potente will star. There's a bit of confusion on just what this project is about, and unfortunately, I think this plot will decide it all.

On the official website, the outlined story details a couple taking a trip into the Rocky Mountains, and how Franka flees into the woods when a hunting party kills her man in a drug-induced panic, and how said party tries to chase her down to keep their hides safe. Typical, and not very fresh.

However, the story that's outlined in the below concept reel outlines a different, and more intriguing story. It says that this project will focus on some climbers high in the mountains who find a young girl buried alive -- the victim of a kidnapping plot. Franka's character tries to help while a group of mercenaries hired to rescue the girl hunt them down. I'd take two groups fighting for a girl's safety over creepy drug-hazed hunters any day -- lots more to explore and dig into. Regardless, this should make for an interesting film, since the concept reel is all about Gilbey actually getting out there and climbing mountains himself for the project. Furthermore, he talks about the importance of not relying on sets, which makes for an interesting 5 minutes, and potentially, a film to keep your eye on.