Once he got a taste of Die Hard, Bruce Willis was a changed man, moving from detective comedy to action hero. 21 years later, at age 54, the guy is still not stopping. In fact, he's getting offers for action gigs left, right, and center. Is this the secret for staving off age? Well, that and a face that works well with a smoothly shaved noggin?

THR'sRisky Biz Blog reports that Willis is currently in talks to head three action films, although not all of them are heading down that path to success. First, there's Inventory, a thriller from NuImage/Millenium that would have the actor become a detective hunting down a murderer. Then there's Red (not to be confused with last year's Red), based on the WildStorm/DC Comic. This would have Willis playing a former black-ops agent forced out of retirement when an assassin comes after him and his girlfriend. This gig, however, could fizzle because so far, the two sides can't agree on a suitable offer. And finally, there's Scarpa, a mob biopic in the works from Antoine Fuqua, where he'd play an undercover FBI informant in New York's Columbo family. But RBB says: "the odds are growing that WIllis won't do that pic" either.

Well, he can't do every cop/law film that comes his way, even if he is the irreplacable John McClane. I can see him stepping back a little. I mean, how will he find the time? It's not like he's been lying low since Live Free or Die Hard -- he's got projects like Surrogates and A Couple of Dicks on the way. Willis might be the quintessential man of policedom, but where do you like Willis best? Do you want to see him keep fighting his way through the baddies, or are you just waiting for the next mellow Sixth Sense?
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