Several years ago, when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was going strong, there was a little episode called Superstar. In it, Danny Strong's Jonathan cooked up a pretty powerful mojo that allowed him to be a superstar at everything. In this alternate universe, he did everything from act in The Matrix to fighting vampires better than the slayer. Everyone loved him -- there were billboards, saucy calendar shoots, well, you get the idea. Now it looks like Strong is getting a taste of that, at least as far as political projects are concerned (not so much playing Robin in Losing Lois Lane).

Having tackled Recount for HBO, Empire reports that Strong is now penning a new film called The Butler, based on the Washington Post story: A Butler Well Served by This Election. The story outlined the life of Eugene Allen, an African-American butler who worked at the White House for over three decades, serving eight presidents, and then got to see times change as President Obama was sworn into office. The story has it all -- changing times and attitudes, insight into the world behind the public political face, and even tear-jerking love -- his wife Helene died the day before the election.

Empire mentioned the O-word, and they could just be on to something. Can you imagine: Jonathan, Academy Award-winning writer? It's certainly better than "Gurkin" in Sydney White.
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