With every movie of the '80s and '90s being dusted off and revisited, a return toWho Framed Roger Rabbit? is not only unsurprising, but probably inevitable. MTV News caught up with Robert Zemeckis, who revealed that he was seriously considering a return to Toontown. "I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability - the digital tools, performance capture - I'm starting to think about Roger Rabbit."

Of course, Zemeckis couldn't provide any further details. Two years ago, Frank Marshall told MTV that a sequel was still kicking around, and that all that had prevented it was the lack of digital technology. "It came pretty close. We shot a test. We had a script. But unfortunately, we didn't have computer generated animation quite yet -- it was just too expensive." Because Roger Rabbit would be in the entire movie as opposed to only about 48 minutes of animation, it was impossible to do at the time. Obviously, technology has updated to the point that an entire Roger Rabbit movie could be done with CG and clearly, Zemeckis would love to use his motion capture on the big, goofy bunny ... and can you imagine what they'd do with Jessica Rabbit to top Angelina Jolie as Grendel's Mom? I'm a little creeped out just thinking about that.

A Roger Rabbit sequel isn't a bad idea, but as with so many of these properties, it just feels like the ship has sailed. New technology should mean new stories, not just a return to 1988. I imagine I'm alone in that, and everyone else is dying for more Roger Rabbit even after 20 years. But will you like him as well if he's a dead-eyed motion capture and not a lovable toon?

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