The brand new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer that leaked online yesterday has just returned in much better quality, courtesy of Yahoo. With it, we get a nice taste of what appears to be a pretty intense story involving Shia LaBeouf's character going bat-shit in school and Megan Fox bending over motorcycles. Oh, and thankfully John Turturro once again shows up in comic relief as a bumbling secret government agent who, from the looks of it, will give Jar Jar Binks a run for his money in the Who The Hell Came Up With This Guy Department.

Contrary to earlier claims, Megatron is alive and well in this trailer -- and he'll be joined by several other robots, including the ginormous Devestator (made up of several different construction vehicle robots) and an old man robot who walks with a cane (nah, I'm sure the kids will just love that one). All in all, Michael Bay obviously kicked things up a notch for the sequel, which appears a tad darker, hotter and holy crap that's a big f**king robot. Check out the leaked trailer below, and we'll update this post when the real trailer arrives online tomorrow.

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