In honor of X-Men Origins: Wolverine opening up in theaters this weekend, we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the worst homemade Wolverine costumes in the history of homemade Wolverine costumes. The site NextRound assembled a whole batch for us to browse through (some of which we highlighted in the gallery below), but to tell you the truth it's not too hard to find a bad Wolverine costume. A harder task would be to find a good Wolverine costume, as a quick search turned up very little in the way of, "Wow, that's pretty cool -- good job!"

I think part of it comes down to the snarl (these guys just don't give good snarl), not to mention most of them couldn't create a set of cool-looking blades if their lives depended on it. And what the hell is with this guy up top? Wolverine would never wear a plaid button down shirt with an ugly black-and-white leather jacket. Is that fake leather? Probably. Please, guys and girls -- the call is out to you: Stop your friends from creating these lame costumes and then posting them on the internet for people like us to make fun of. What's the point? What good is coming out of this? And dude up top, if you're out there ... please work on that snarl. It's embarrassing.
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