"I'm sure he won't recognize us because he's blind, but ... I'm sure he'll recognize the taste of a good meal." -- Shadow Hare

Not long ago we told you about the steady rise of real-life superheroes; men and women who don masks and costumes in an effort to protect their hometown from crime and mischief, while also serving as role models for the community. With superhero movies becoming more popular, it's not a surprise to see real-life costumed heroes popping up in greater numbers around the country and throughout the world. And, as one such case in Cincinnati proves, these folks totally mean business.

Check out this news story on real-life superhero Shadow Hare, who roams the streets of Cincinnati with what appears to be two slightly overweight sidekicks and some masked chick. Okay, so maybe our hero hasn't exactly sailed through puberty yet and discovered his dark, Bale-like growl (even though he's 21-years-old, he sounds like he's 11), but he seems to keep everything else in check. So what if all the local citizens laugh at them as they strut down the street in full daylight -- when duty calls, it calls ... right? My favorite part of this video comes when the homeless guys laugh at the costumes, and spit out something like, "What the heck is this -- it ain't Easter" ... as if Easter all of a sudden became a holiday where people dressed up as awkward-looking superheroes.

Nevertheless, I suppose it's nice to see these kids attempting to be decent human beings instead of beating up old ladies and selling Vicodin on street corners. Still, it is kinda funny ...