Dazed and Confused,
Part 2. No, I'm not talking about that "spiritual sequel" we learned about in March. I'm talking about an honest-to-goodness sequel bringing back the characters we can't help but love. It seems that Matthew McConaughey, better known as the teen-loving David Wooderson, told MTV that it is a possibility.

"That's a very precious subject, that movie. We made such a gem... I've had loose discussions about what would be the next [in]carnation of a Dazed and Confused... [Richard Linklater is] not going to do it unless it's done the right way. It's a good idea, but he's gotta pick the right way to do it." The actor goes on to say how he'd love to see what everyone would be doing in 1992, and imagines Wooderson might have a few kids and run a community radio station.

While I'm not sure I'd want to see Wooderson in the family way, I would love to see these guys again in more than just quick clips from a reunion picnic. Would Mitch still pinch his brow? What sort of heated debates would Mike and Tony have years later? And would Cynthia still sport a fabulous fro? Is Slater still high? Would Michelle still make music (yes please!)? Is O'Bannion still in high school? Is Darla still a bitch?

If Before Sunset is any indication, this would be a fabulous sequel. Where do you think they all are 20 years later?
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