I actually came across this DVD cover on Amazon a few weeks ago, and it gave me a snort and a chuckle, but it wasn't until I got reminders from DVDActive and Shock that I thought "Yes. This motion picture, based only on the cast and (especially) the DVD cover, is certainly worthy of its own Cinematical article." And so here it is: Silent Venom, baby. Let's just take a second to soak up the brilliant lunacy of that DVD cover. (Really, how scary would a snake wrapped around a periscope be? Not very, if you're presently INSIDE the submarine.)

But that's demanding way too much logic from a DVD cover like this. Scheduled for release on June 2, Silent Venom (is there even such a thing as vociferous venom?) stars Luke Perry, Krista Allen, and (third-billed?) Tom Berenger as, I assume, a tough guy who eats venom for breakfast. The film goes by the title Recoil (clever!) over on IMDb, and it comes from the astonishingly prolific schlock-master Fred Olen Ray. (Yes, he of Evil Toons, Devil Cop, and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.) Check out the plot synopsis after the jump, but really ... isn't that DVD cover all the synopsis you need?
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