By now every fan of Twilight knows that star Robert Pattinson -- he of the half-lidded gaze and spectacularly poofy hair -- will next be seen as painter Salvador Dali in the biopic Little Ashes, opening May 8. They've seen the pictures of his unconvincing mustache. They know that the film focuses on Dali's romantic relationship with Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, played by Javier Beltran. And perhaps they even grasp that that means that everyone's favorite sparkly vampire will be gettin' down with some boy-boy smooching.

The LA Times asked director Paul Morrison the inevitable question, "How hard was it for Pattinson and Beltran to roll around on each other and play tonsil hockey?" and Twilight groupies may be dismayed to hear that Pattinson didn't reach for Listerine after every take: "I think Rob probably found it harder than Javier, to draw the line between performance and, ah, but that was also in the nature of the part, that Dali's sexuality was so complicated, complex and mysterious, I think even to himself, and his fear of sexuality, and if you're playing that role, that kind of rubs off on you."

We think that means that Pattinson was able to embrace Dali's bisexuality. Ah, but Morrison quickly backtracks, making sure that the interviewer grasps that Pattinson is still 100 percent red-blooded he-man: "[T]he triangle sex scene is an unbelievably difficult scene. One of those scenes in everybody's life when you're doing something and you know it's really really wrong, it really, it goes against the grain, but you're doing it, so playing that scene is hard, it's always hard."

So, to recap: Pattinson didn't find it difficult to kiss another guy, except for whan he found it difficult. Got it. And we think that Morrison said that either homosexuality or three-way sex is "really really wrong," but again ... it's kind of hard to tell.

On a less stupid, albeit titillating, note, Morrison also says that he had no inkling that Pattinson would become a matinee idol (Ashes was cast and shot prior to Twilight) and that Pattinson worked hard on the film, doing extensive research on his own. " I think that's in his blood now, I think," Morrison says. "I don't think he'll be satisfied with playing less than interesting roles."

After Twilight 2: New Moon is done filming, we assume.