Back when Watchmen came out, we decided to introduce a new 1-10 Poll instead of simply asking for your opinion on a film in the comments section. We felt this added a new element to the whole post-blockbuster experience, and promised to bring it back for summer movie season if you folks played along. And since a whopping 5,000 of you participated in that Watchmen poll, the 1-10 is officially back ... and looking for a little love.

Since we can't launch these for every single summer movie, we're going to stick with the bigger blockbusters -- the films most likely to win their opening weekend by a mile. As with most questions on a 1-10 scale, 1 will be the absolute worst and 10 pretty much knocked your socks off. After all was said and done on Watchmen, folks settled in on an 8. Will any summer movie beat that? Which summer flick will come in the lowest? Highest? Once we hit Labor Day, we'll tally it all up and see who's getting a sequel and who's, well, looking for other work.

Our Summer 2009 1-10 Polls begin with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sound off below ...