Taking a trip down the memory lane of 1993 led me to hit up YouTube for trailers. Movie marketing wasn't nearly as pervasive as it was today, and so I often find myself trying to remember when exactly I heard about this movie, or that one. I've always envied friends who remember when they saw the trailer for The Empire Strikes Back and how they felt, and I can't even remember how the hell I knew I wanted to see Braveheart. I have no memory for movie marketing prior to 1999, it seems, which why I started looking up the trailers for 1993. I only got as far as The Fugitive and decided it had to be shared as a Terrific Trailer.

Most trailers of the '80s and '90s were pretty cheesy, despite the sultry tones of Don LaFontaine. They're edited badly, they give too much away, and are the wrong tone for the fillm. The Fugitive could have fallen prey to all of that, but it's tight and mysterious. I like how it doesn't even tell you whether Harrison Ford is innocent or not. Of course they were working from a very well known television series, Ford was never a bad guy, and it would be rather difficult to sympathize with a fugitive who was guilty. But if all you saw was this trailer today, you would be forgiven for wondering exactly who the good guy would be. Would it be Ford, or Tommy Lee Jones?