Sorry for all the English-language remake talk of late -- I'm just the messenger, and my latest message pertains to fans of the manga series "Death Note."

Variety says that the rights to the books, on which three live-action films have already been based in Japan, have been picked up by Warner Bros. Charley and Vlas Parlapanides of the upcoming War of the Gods have been attached to adapt the first three chapters of the thirteen-part series, about a young man who finds a "death note" with which he can kill someone by writing down their name and picturing their face.

Reading only that synopsis, I presumed that we'd be looking at a supernatural slasher flick of sorts, where people are being picked off by an angry college student, and was intrigued by the weight of intent that that came with (my mind went to Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby, actually). But filling myself in on Wikipedia (before the English-speaking fans could take me to task; please comment away regardless), I'm a bit more intrigued by the notion of the possessor taking it upon himself to punish the criminals that the authorities cannot.

Honest-to-goodness moral dilemmas in a magical book movie? Suck on that, The Pagemaster.
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