Oh, generalizations. Will they ever go out of style? Let's hope not, or who knows how SmartMoney Magazine would conduct business. I mean, I get it -- "What aren't movie critics telling you?" is easier to pitch than "Why are movie critics still relevant to consumers?". It's got a ready-set villain, out to squander your finances in times like these, so why waste it?

And I know, I'm generalizing about the magazine itself, but if there were even a single byline on this piece (which IFC's Matt Singer brought to my attention, praise be to him), then I'd take that writer to task, perhaps in private. But no, the Magazine itself has broadly knocked my profession -- going so far as to file the piece under the "Rip-Offs" heading of their "Spending" section -- and so I shall attempt to explain why a few bad apples does not a rotten bushel, or feature article, make.