While many know me for my Heathers obsession, few know how it came to be -- that it wasn't just my blind following of all things Christian Slater. I was led to the darkly comic and wonderful movie by a short pre-film trailer on another vhs -- Under the Boardwalk. Ever see it?

It was a wonderfully terrible and immensely lovable (to me) film that means all things summer and youthful to my reminiscing heart. It's the story of two rival surfers, and how the artsy sister of the one (Danielle von Zerneck as Allie) falls for his super-cute rival (Richard Joseph Paul). Brian Wimmer played a fellow surfer dude, and there was a silly side story with Keith Coogan as the straight-laced cousin who comes to visit and falls for Gitch, Roxana Zal's "half girl, half bitch." I had enough sense to know it wasn't a great movie, but not enough barely-teen smarts to stop myself from loving it anyway, or seeing it twice in one night the first time I rented it -- partially because I yearned for a Gitch-centric sequel.

Below, Allie takes Andy (Coogan) to a party, and explains the various surfers they encounter along the way, including a waxing philosophic Sonny Bono chatting with world champion surfer Corky Carroll. And as an added bonus, I'm including the trailer after the jump.

Any summery surfer flicks that you proudly love, no matter how bad it actually is?

Warning: Some language in the following scene.