When Ghostbusters came out, I was busy traveling the Oregon Trail, trying not to die of dysentery, and trying to hunt with some arrow keys and a spacebar. Now, well, there's a whole new gaming world out there, finally ripe for a sweet, ghost-capturing video game. Let's face it -- Ghostbusters, The Video Game wouldn't have been nearly as fun if we had to fight the Stay Puft with graphics like this.

Many months after sharing the game's trailer with you, there's a pretty sweet collection of footage that's popped up, courtesy of The Game Heroes. The video details some behind-the-scenes game info, like just what we can expect from the proton pack and its new bells and whistles, plus a new look into game play with clips from an elevator scene rife with Bill Murray's sarcasm.

The game has been in production for three years, and it definitely looks like the wait was worth it, between all of the talent involved (Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd wrote it!) and how nice it all looks. (If only I had an XBox or PS3!) The game will hit shelves later this year.