I will fess up here and now my inability to confirm this picture that accompanied a pop-up ad on Variety's website and its relationship, if any, to James Cameron's ultra-hush-hush Avatar. There is nothing on Attitude Studio's show reel that would deny as much, and I cannot get their gallery to open for whatever reason (if anyone can and sees something similar on there, let us know).

All I can note, though, is the image's striking likeness to Avatar's star, Sam Worthington (also of this month's Terminator Salvation -- the guy's on quite the roll). I could totally buy this being a representation of the lean, mean ex-Marine that he's supposed to play.

So Steven Soderbergh can vouch for it a wee bit, and so can some guy at Time Magazine. All I know is: even if this isn't a shot from the flick, when are we actually going to get a look at this digital revolution for ourselves?
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