If you're anything like the Cinematical staffers, you're spending a frightening amount of time in front of your laptop watching free movies on Hulu, Netflix Instant, and YouTube. Now you'll have a new site to feed your addiction: Sony's Crackle.

Crackle has been running for awhile now, and offering some pretty cool original content like Ed Brubacker's Angel of Death series, starring the kick-ass Zoe Bell. But now they're expanding their full-length movie offerings, and according to Varietyyou can now watch: Spider-Man 2, Groundhog Day, Stripes, A Few Good Men, 1941, El Mariachi, Big Fish, The Fan, La Bamba, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Johnny Mnemonic, La Femme Nikita and a few Godzilla installments. I haven't watched a movie all the way through yet, but I clicked on Spider-Man 2 and played around with it for a few minutes. The quality is excellent, and I believe they run without commercials, which is a definite advantage over Hulu. (I love you guys, but seeing the same commercial repeatedly for 2 hours is migraine inducing.)

So for the movie-addicted among us, Crackle may just be your new best friend. No longer do you have to scan your shelves and cable channels for something to watch at 2am, there's bound to be something fresh and shiny somewhere online for you. Just be careful curling up in bed with your laptop, as you don't want it to meet a fatal tumble if you fall asleep midway through. Cliffhanger just isn't worth it. Not that I'd know.