So you might have heard of a little project on the pike called The Love Child of Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono. Back in March, word hit that Rebecca Romijn and Donald Sutherland were starring in the film, and no, it wasn't going to be another wackily cast film like I'm Not There. It would tell the story of a man on parole 5 years after a heist gone wrong. Rather than moving forward on the straight and narrow, he is sucked back in by his former boss to make up for the botched heist. In his spare time, he makes these scrap sculptures that set the art world on fire, and he's caught between the crime and the art glory. In other words -- it has very little to link it to Andy and Yoko.

Now the confusing Warhol/Ono title has been dropped (it's now called The Love Child), and the project is turning into a family affair. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Sutherland's son, Rossif Sutherland (Timeline ... and Keifer's little half-brother) is joining the cast, along with Sarah Roemer (Disturbia). And it isn't Donald who's playing the thief. Rossif will play the ex-con-turned-artist, pops is playing the loan shark boss, and there's no word on who the actresses are playing.

We should find out soon enough, however, as the film is currently in production in Toronto. Could the Sheens and Baldwins be given a run for their money? Either way, it's nice to see Donald in something a bit more palatable than Fool's Gold.
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