Watch Free Documentaries - 'The Future of Food'Film examines agricultural revolution transforming what's for dinner.

The advent of the agricultural corporation has dramatically changed the food industry and resulted in the near-extinction of one of America's most time-honored ways of living: farming. "Agri-businesses" aren't far from owning copyrights on specific crops; meaning growing certain types of tomatoes would be no different than manufacturing iPods.

'The Future of Food', directed by Deborah Koons Garcia (widow of legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia), gives an eye-opening look at the revolution that's responsible for the genetically modified vegetables and grains that fill store shelves, and how science is quietly changing the food we consume.

Filmed on location across the farms of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., 'The Future of Food' is a call to awareness for consumers unaware about what they are really eating. Watch the film in full, or snag it onto your own site, from

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