Talking about the girls of summer usually means one thing (even if some toughies like Marion Ravenwood popped up in summer blockbusters): hot female flesh. Yes, these women are attractive, but with the increased summer heat, movies will do anything to add some moisture: the sweat in the desert, the undeniable need to swim in a pool ... you get the drift. It's surprising that there's even an anti-perspirant industry with all these sexy moisture images popping up year after year.

For 2009 however, while we might have a sadly plentiful dose of sadly typical romcoms, and our second helping of The Fox v. The Robots, there are some women to look out for while the sun is high in the sky.


We might see Alison Lohman fighting her way free of Sam Raimi's hell, and some women fighting off the future's machines, but this month is reserved for the character and woman that takes the manic pixie into a new world and life -- Rachel Weisz's Penelope in The Brothers Bloom. On the surface, she seems like your typical floofy, airheaded heiress, crashing her fancy car wherever she drives it, and living outside of public scrutiny. But it quickly becomes apparent that she's a lot more than meets the eye -- spending her rich isolation not daydreaming, not going crazy, but rather absorbing all the knowledge she can -- both impressive and trivial. She's ridiculously multifaceted, carefree but rational, and much like her female partner in crime Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi), a lot more than meets the eye -- enough that she should get time to shine front and center on the screen.

Plus, keep an eye out for Julia, Summer Hours, and Jessica Biel doing something a little different with Easy Virtue.