Terminator Salvation"All I know is Bale doesn't f*** around ... he doesn't sign up for things unless he believes 100%. He's already Bruce Wayne, he doesn't need to be John Connor." -- McG

Reprising a trilogy is hard work. Reprising one of sci-fi's most heralded and closely critiqued series is near impossible.

That's why the decision to revive 'Terminator' for a fourth (and, almost definitely, more to come) installment was met with mixed emotions. And the announcement that McG would direct received even more passionate outcries -- could the 'Charlie's Angels' guy really go head-to-head with John Connor and Skynet's toughest machines? Well, he has, and we can say from seeing it all first-hand that fans are in for an action-packed ride.

Moviefone was invited to the set of 'Terminator Salvation' in Albuquerque, N.M., last June to see Christian Bale step into John Connors' future-fighting shoes, with Bryce Dallas Howard as his wife, Kate, Anton Yelchin as his father, Kyle Reese, and some new characters played by Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood and Common.

Keep reading to see what we learned behind the scenes on the action-packed 'Terminator' set -- as well as interviews with McG, Worthington, Howard, Yelchin, Bloodgood and more -- before the movie hits theaters May 22.